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During the winter months, water once a week. Spring and fall, water every 5 days. During the summer, you should water every 4 days. Amount of water per watering depends on the tree size:


    •  9' - 12', about 100 gallons per watering

    •  14' - 17', about 150 gallons per watering


The ground should be able to dry out between waterings.


It is best to arrogate the tree by putting in a water-well just outside the root ball. If that is not possible, then you can use poly pipe to encircle the trunk, keeping about a foot away from the trunk and installing drippers about 6" - 12" apart along the poly pipe.


Never water into or allow water to go into the vent tubes.


Other care:

We recommend feeding the tree about a cup, or 4oz bottle, of super thrive no more than once a month several times after transplanting. Dilute it in a bucket and apply while the tree is being watered.


We also recommend covering the root ball with about a 2" layer of well-aged mulch. Also make the water-well out of mulch if possible.


Do not give the tree any nitrogen.


It is recommended that you leave the fronds tied up for about 6 weeks during mild weather. Do not untie the fronds during December, January, February, June or July.


If there are any sink holes or other signs that there may be air pockets around the root ball, then you can use a water hose or pipe attached to the hose to wash dirt into the air pocket.

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